Tips for Gents

An engagement ring will become a memory from the start, where two journeys become one, so it is at utmost importance that the correct guidelines must be followed to create something unique and stunning for your bride to be.

Shani•D Jewellery is all about customization, and we will assist from the design right up to the final adjustments in creating your engagement ring.

Guidelines - creating an engagement ring
• Find out what she likes, by looking at what she wears, and discover her taste.
• Is she interested in modern jewellery (flashy), traditional (classic), simple (less is more) or antique (detail).
• Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum or Two Toned?
• How she reacts when seeing other engagements rings will also guide you in the right direction.
• Ask friends or family if she discussed this topic, in order to help.
• Last but not least, get the correct ring size.

Things to look at.
• High rise or low rise of the main stone?
• Setting style - four claws, six claws?
• Setting Type, bezel or claws?
• Plain band or diamond band?
• Shape of main diamond?

By using these guidelines Shani•D Jewellery will be able to accurately assist you in creating her dream engagement ring.


French for ‘paved’, this gives the illusion of the shank being made entirely out of one row of diamonds.


A traditional style that lifts the center stone higher off the finger.


A Solid shank that wil not have a negative spacing from the side. Can be set with stones or be designed without accent stones.


The shank divides,giving the illusion of two bands.


Characterised by the sharp edge that runs around the outside of the shank.


Characterised by miltiple tiny metal beads that line either side of the shank to hold the diamonds in place.


The diamons are set between two parallel walls of metal.


This shank style can either taper towards the center stone or outwards along the shank.


Characterised by the sharp edge similar to pavé, this style has multiple rows of diamonds set across the entire surface area.


This style is designed to fit the wedding band perfectly inside the engagement ring.


The shank splits and interlaces around the finger.
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